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Bettina Teng

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Bettina Teng was a Research Assistant in Harvard Ophthalmology AI Lab from July to September 2019. Bettina was born in Davie, Florida, and spent her summers with her grandparents in Shenyang, China. Because her grandfather could not access health care during the Cultural Revolution, she was passionate about helping underserved families who are not fortunate enough to see physicians. Bettina’s mother taught her the violin when she was two, and Bettina played in orchestras for 14 years, including as concertmaster of the FAU Symphony Orchestra. Bettina combined her love for music and care for others by playing the violin for residents with mental and physical disabilities at the Ann Storck Center. She won the Silver Knight Award for her service and gifted the $2,000 cash prize to her charity, Knight Owls, to support music therapy. Bettina gave a TEDx talk about the healing effects of music to encourage students to lead in their communities. In physics, she received the Yale and Science Engineering Award for her work on single slit diffraction. In college, she completed research on the visual system at Max Planck Institute and wrote her honors thesis on a mathematical model of the human visual field. As a physician, Bettina wants to treat not only the body but also the mind.

  1. 2019-2019

    Research Assistant

    Schepens Eye Research Institute, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School
  2. 2018-2022


    Florida State University