About Us

About Us

Harvard Ophthalmology AI Lab is a research team for transformation of ocular diseases diagnosis and prognosis with the power of artificial intelligence.

Located in the Schepens Eye Research Institute of Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School, our team has ~10 members. The core team members are Tobias Elze, PhD and Mengyu Wang, PhD. Other team members are postdoctoral research fellows, staffs, interns and undergraduate students.

We also collaborate with researchers and clinicians from Leipzig University in Germany, Joslin Diabetes and other ophthalmology department of Harvard affiliated hospitals.

We work in the intersection among mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence and clinical ophthalmology. We aim to leverage mathematical, statistical and artificial intelligence modeling to enhance our knowledge and understanding of ocular diseases and ultimately improve clinical treatment and management.

We develop and evaluate a novel scheme of representative patterns for glaucomatous vision loss based on unsupervised machine learning. we study patient measurements from fundus images and optical coherence tomography results and their association with specific effects on functional vision. We also participate in population-based studies to systematically investigate the relationship between retinal structural parameters and various groups of demographic features, clinical measurements and lifestyle-related variables.

Projects details can be found below:

    •   Vision Loss Detection and Progression Prediction

    •   Relationship Between Retinal Structure and Visual Function in Eye Diseases

    •   Epidemiology and Demographic Features Related to Eye Diseases

    •   Aging and Lifestyle Affecting the Eye

We invite you to explore our research through this site. If you are willing to establish collaborations or have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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