We have a number of ongoing projects on developing statistical and artificial intelligence models to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of various eye diseases. Candidates who are interested could contact Dr. Tobias Elze, Dr. Mengyu Wang and Dr. Nazlee Zebardast for inquiries.

As of December 13, 2023, there is a postdoctoral opening in human genetics and functional genomics of eye diseases under the supervision of Dr. Nazlee Zebardast and Dr. Elizabeth Rossin. See more details here: https://ophai.hms.harvard.edu/news/postdoctoral-opening-in-human-genetics-and-functional-genomics-of-eye-diseases-in-2023-winter/


We are willing to establish collaboration with investigators and researchers in all fields. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Artificial Intelligence in Medicine course is taught in each semester by Harvard Ophthalmology AI Lab since the 2023 Spring semester, which is partly supported by NIH P30 EY003790. This course is registered in the Division of Medical Sciences in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University. The course is co-directed by Dr. Mengyu Wang and Dr. Tobias Elze. This course will serve as an introduction to artificial intelligence with an emphasis on their applications in medicine. See more details.


The Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear provide various training programs for students, junior faculty and individuals with advanced degrees in the areas. Please find detailed information in the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear website. 

We also list some opportunities relevant to our lab:

Contact Information

Dr. Tobias Elze:

tobias_elze at meei.harvard.edu

Dr. Mengyu Wang:

mengyu_wang at meei.harvard.edu

Dr. Nazlee Zebardast:

nazlee_zebardast at meei.harvard.edu