Harvard Glaucoma Detection and Progression with 1,000 Samples

Harvard Glaucoma Detection and Progression with 1,000 Samples (Harvard-GDP1000): This Harvard-GDP1000 dataset includes 1,000 samples from 1,000 patients for glaucoma detection and progression forecasting to confirm results in our paper “Harvard Glaucoma Detection and Progression: A Multimodal Multitask Dataset and Generalization-Reinforced Semi-Supervised Learning" published in the 2023 International Conference on Computer Vision. The corresponding code is available on our GitHub repository Harvard-GDP. Here is the data download link for Harvard-GDP1000. This dataset can only be used for non-commercial research purposes. At no time, the dataset shall be used for clinical decisions or patient care. The data use license is CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. If you have any questions about this dataset, please email harvardophai@gmail.com.

Note that, the modifier word “Harvard” in the dataset name “Harvard Glaucoma Detection and Progression" only indicates that our dataset is from the Department of Ophthalmology of Harvard Medical School and does not imply an endorsement, sponsorship, or assumption of responsibility by either Harvard University or Harvard Medical School as a legal identity.

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